Qualcomm: The annual income is as high as 150 billion, even Huawei's Samsung is left behind by it.

Release on : Mar 26, 2019

Semiconductors are an essential part of the production of many high-tech products. With the development of technology, the needs of high-tech products for semiconductors are becoming more diverse. Therefore, the current semiconductors have been different in the past. In the past few years, semiconductor materials have also been applied to screens and transmissions of some electrical appliances. But now, semiconductor materials have been given more role, artificial intelligence is inseparable from it, the Internet of Things is inseparable from it. There is demand for development, and the needs of these products are increasingly driving the development of semiconductors. The current enterprises in our country are also transforming into high-tech, and at the same time, we must also be self-sufficient in the production of semiconductor materials. The huge application market has also driven the momentum of some domestic manufacturers, and their development has already been put on the agenda. Today, Ziguang Group, Hisilicon Semiconductor and SMIC have long been well-known semiconductor companies at home and abroad.

In fact, the core of developing semiconductors lies in chips. What is closely related to our lives is nothing more than chips for computers and mobile phones. On the computer chip, the US Intel chip has also dominated the market for dozens of years, and it has long been unable to shake it, becoming a global chip giant. However, in the mobile phone chip market, major mobile phone chip manufacturers have long been fighting. Qualcomm has not only occupied a large number of markets, but also left Samsung, Huawei and Apple behind, and these high-tech companies will take some time to have the same strength as Qualcomm, so the mobile phone chip market has been in flux for a long time. According to the current development direction and mode, although several technology companies have strong strengths, there is still a certain gap with Qualcomm, a company that focuses on mobile phone chips for many years. Therefore, even Samsung or Huawei Hays can not surpass Qualcomm in a short time.

He was born in Qualcomm in the 1980s. It has been quietly researching in California, USA. In the past 30 years of development, it has brought too many surprises to people. In the 3G era, it is far ahead, and it is the leader in the 4G era. In the past year, the relevant departments have published the rankings of the world's top 500 companies. Qualcomm has achieved 392 good results, becoming a meeting of global technology companies and becoming a member of a few technology companies on the list. I have known that there are countless companies in the world, and it is enough to explain its value and influence.

There are also many well-known mobile phone manufacturers in the world, such as Apple, Blackberry, South Korea's Samsung, China's Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, etc. Therefore, the competitive market of mobile phone chips is often full of competition. However, Qualcomm can be a leader in this field and it is inseparable from its large investment in science and technology. On the mobile phone chip, other mobile phone manufacturers in China except Huawei have commercial cooperation with Qualcomm. Their cooperation is mutually beneficial.

Qualcomm provides cheap chips for these mobile phone manufacturers to make them competitively priced. At the same time, they are also intangible in the development of Qualcomm. Qualcomm's achievements in the field of mobile phone chips have already led the world, but at the same time it is also actively marching into the 5G era. The World Mobile Communications Conference held in Spain also sent an important message to people, and the 5G era is coming. At the conference, China's well-known mobile phone manufacturers have shown their own 5g mobile phones, but the perfect operation of these mobile phones is inseparable from the support of Qualcomm 5g chips. Therefore, Qualcomm has entered the 5G era ahead of time.

The development of science and technology drives the development of productivity, and it also brings endless wealth. Qualcomm explained this for us. Through the innovation of technology, the company has obtained a good financial situation. In the financial statements released by Qualcomm last year, Qualcomm achieved revenues of up to 150 billion yuan in the past year alone. Its sales situation is amazing, and it is not the leader of global mobile phone chips. However, the development of the market is not always smooth, so who will beat Qualcomm in the future development?