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Intel is still the king, AMD still needs more work
On the consumer-grade desktop platform, AMD finally gave Intel the color on the third-generation Ath...
L6986H Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator
STMicroelectronics' L6986H high-performance synchronous DC/DC converter is designed for high efficie...
Zhan Rui 5G chip Ivy 510 supports SA/NSA
Ziguang Zhanrui official microblog sent a message, responded to some media misreports that the Ivy 5...
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales decreased by 20%, China may become the largest market
Japanese media reported that the International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Organization (S...
High cost performance of ultra low power Bluetooth control
Ultra-low-power Bluetooth control cost-effective dimmable intelligent lighting solution
JEDEC’s Soft Reset Offers Significant Benefits to Embedded Developers
Today’s embedded systems, such as smart devices and endpoints in the IoT, often require instant-on c...